Taking food to the next level

I am a passionate Tower Gardener

For the last 5 years I have enjoyed eating home grown produce YEAR ROUND!!!

Yup, you heard me right.  Even in cold New York winters I'm harvesting organic produce in January, thanks to the grow lights!

Being a Tower Gardener has given me piece of mind that my food is not contaminated, it's helped me avoid countless trips to the supermarket, not to mention all the money I've saved by growing my own! 

It's literally like having a farmer's market right in my own home!

Let me introduce you to Tower Gardens. 

Tower Gardens are vertical, aeroponic state of the art growing systems. 

Tower Gardens grow 3X faster

than traditional farming watch it in action

Tower Gardens require very little space

so you can grow 36 plants in a 24 inch diameter

Tower Gardens use 98% less water

than traditional farming

Tower Gardens grow year round

indoor and outdoor growing available 

Tower Gardens use no soil 

and have no weeds

Tower Gardens are super easy and fun

making them great for adults, kids, and schools

From individual families to massive organizations — such as Google and NASA — Tower Farmers come in all shapes and sizes. 


My dream when we founded the Tower Garden company was that one day every family across our country and around the world would have access to fresh, clean, healthy, pesticide free food in their own home! Every time we set up a Tower Garden we are one step closer to achieving that mission!

With Lety's passion and enthusiasm we are getting closer to that dream everyday

Tim Blank

Developer of the Tower Garden

I really don’t know what I’d do without my Tower Garden. It has done so many more things for my family than I even anticipated. First, it’s such a relief to know that the produce we eat is packed with the nutrients we need and isn’t covered in any kind of chemical. You can’t say that about what you buy in any store.
Second, it’s encouraged my kids to eat more veggies. They literally pick things off it to snack on all day long. I love that! Finally, it’s been a huge cost-saver. I used to throw away so much produce every week if I didn’t get to use it all. I literally never have that happen anymore. I just harvest what I need when I need it. No money or food wasted!

Kristen D

Professor of Education EdD

I  absolutely love my Tower Garden.  It has inspired my family  (with three young children) to eat more fresh plants & saves me time with not as many supermarket runs for fresh produce!

Kim C

Registered Dietician

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